In early-Spring of 2021, the Catholic University’s Columbus School of Law suspended the 2021 International Business and Trade Summer Law Program in Krakow, Poland. The difficult decision to suspend the program was based on the continued worldwide spread of COVID-19, the emergence of new variants in Europe and elsewhere, and the lack of widespread availability of vaccinations.


The International Business and Trade Summer Law Program in Krakow, Poland, co-hosted by the 14th century Jagiellonian University, offers students the opportunity to take specialized courses that focus on the Law of the European Union, international business and trade, and to work as externs with branches of American, European and, particularly, Polish law firms.

Over the last few decades, the exponential growth in international trade and investment has intensified the demand for competent attorneys specializing in international business and development. American attorneys are increasingly called upon to negotiate with foreign governments, business enterprises, and financial institutions. Our summer abroad program is designed to expose students to the wide range of knowledge and skills required for success in the rapidly changing international arena. Students receive intensive training in the global aspects of modern trade and business law, as they study side-by-side with Poland's finest student lawyers in one of Europe's most beautiful cities.

The emergence of the EU is one of the defining events of the 20th century. Our program provides the opportunity to learn first-hand how the EU affects the political, economic and social landscape of Europe and its impact on foreign relations. As Poland ascended to the European Union in the summer of 2004, this program offers students an incredible opportunity to witness the transformation of an entire political culture. Learn about international trade and business from esteemed faculty and expert guest speakers, as you prepare to join the ranks of international attorneys.

A unique feature of the program is that American, Canadian and Polish students study side-by-side. A mutually advantageous outcome of this arrangement is students learn about other legal systems from each other and in the process create friendships, which develop into a network of international colleagues.

For those seeking the added benefit of cultural enrichment, take note Krakow was recognized as the 2000 Cultural City of Europe. It is both an ancient royal city famous for its architectural beauty and cultural heritage, and was almost entirely spared the destruction wrought upon many urban cities of Europe during World War II, as well Krakow is a vibrant modern city and a major center of international business.

I hope to see you in Krakow. In the meantime, if you have any questions please let us know.


Rett R. Ludwikowski
Director and Professor of Law