Compliance, Investigations, and Corporate Responsibility Program (CICR)

Legal compliance is an essential element of doing business in today’s world. Governments and international organizations, as well as shareholders, consumers, and other constituents, are increasingly focused on holding businesses and not-for-profit organizations accountable for obeying applicable laws and operating in an ethical and responsible manner. Consequently, legal compliance and corporate responsibility are among the hottest areas in the practice of law today.

  • Legal compliance is a key element of business operations in global markets. Lawyers often serve as CECOs (Chief Ethics & Compliance Officers) occupying senior executive positions in global corporations. Corporate General Counsel, as well as lawyers who advise businesses, need to be conversant with compliance issues. So do prosecutors and other law enforcement personnel who work on corporate matters.
  • Corporate Responsibility – a.k.a sustainability and ESG (Environment, Social & Governance) – is also a critical to doing business today. Businesses at all levels must address potential human rights abuses in global supply chains, the impacts of climate change, and a host of other issues ranging from transparency to privacy.
  • Investigations are essential tools for those practicing in compliance, corporate responsibility, and internal investigation practices, and the skills necessary to conduct internal investigations are useful to lawyers in almost any field that involves large organizations in both the private and public sectors.

 Organizations, law firms, and government agencies need lawyers who understand compliance standards and corporate responsibility issues and have the investigative skills necessary to function effectively in these fields. Lawyers who work in these practice areas have the opportunity to make a real difference to clients in the private and public sectors alike, and to become leaders in new and challenging fields.
The Columbus School of Law’s Compliance, Investigations & Corporate Responsibility Program
offers a unique opportunity for students to gain the skills necessary to work in the compliance and sustainability fields and to enhance the transparency, responsibility, and sustainability of organizations in the United States and around the world.