Student Organization Meetings and Events

To schedule a room for a student organization meeting, please email Renee Rasmussen Stack

To schedule a student organization event, submit an event proposal through The Nest.

Important: No speaker can be invited until the Event Proposal process is complete and you have received an approval confirmation from the Office of Student Life and Special Events.

Faculty Conferences and Events 

To schedule a room for an event or meeting, faculty should email Carol McHale (

  • Advertising Events

    Flyers for social media, posting or posters should be submitted in Word or Publisher (NO PDFs) to the Office of Student Life and Special Events via email to Renee Rasmussen Stack at ( and Joe Ferraro (, no later than 10 days prior to an event. We will work with your group to print or photocopy fliers for posting.

    In accordance with the University's policies on posting of notices, flyers for all student organization events must be approved by the Office of Student Life and Special Events prior to posting.

    When submitting your flyer, please indicate which of the following ways you wish to advertise your event:

    • Bulletin Boards: There are several bulletin board areas located throughout the building. Each is assigned for its own specific type of information. Many offices have boards located outside their offices (e.g., Financial Aid, Academic Affairs, etc.). No student group flyers may be placed on a board designated for either administrative or faculty use. Please do not use staples or tape on any board. IMPORTANT: No notices are permitted on walls. Any notice placed on a designated or open board without authorization will be removed. Notices posted with scotch tape will be removed. We ask that students remove their own posters and fliers immediately after the date of the event.

    • Student Listserv Information to be sent through the listserv should be sent to Renee Rasmussen Stack at ( message will be sent if it contains information that will benefit students (for example: law school events/programs). There will be a limit to the number of messages you can send through the student listserv. All submissions must be in a word format or text within a submitted email.

    • Tabling: Publicity tables in the student lounge must be reserved in advance via email to Renee Rasmussen Stack at (
    • These requests are handled on a first-come, first-served basis.

    • Alumni invitations Please contact Allyson Cannon, Director of Alumni Relations,, if your group wishes to invite local alumni to a student organization event.

    Marketing & Communications Office

    The law school’s Marketing & Communications Office will assist in publicizing the activities of our student organizations to all appropriate audiences. Whenever possible, staff will attend an event in person, take photographs, and post a news item to the law school’s website. Students are also encouraged to assume this role in the event that the Marketing & Communications Office cannot attend. Please feel free to send an agenda, notes, photographs, and any other supporting information about a student organization activity to Joe Ferraro, Director of Marketing and Communications, at, for consideration for wider publicity. This may be done before or after the student organization’s event.

    Posters in Frames in the Atrium

    If you would like to order an enlarged poster of your flyer, please note that it can take up to 3 days to be printed and the cost is $9 (which will be charged to your student organization). All posters on display in the Atrium need to be approved by our office. 

  • Event Logistics

    Audiovisual Support Requests

    Please consider your audiovisual needs when making a room request. If AV support is needed, contact our Media Services Department to request assistance by emailing Greg Stack, and David Luce,, well in advance of your event. Important note: In order to record a program or special presentation, all of the presenters must sign an Audio Visual Release Form indicating their permission to be recorded. This should be discussed in advance with the SLSE staff.

    Guest Parking

    Please contact the Office of Student Life and Special Events for all special parking requests. We will request garage gate openings for large events, and work with organizers to arrange for one day guest parking for speakers or invited guests. Requests should be submitted 10 days in advance of the event.


    For larger events, we recommend scheduling a meeting to discuss menus, budget, and logistical plans well in advance of your event. Approval must be granted by the SLSE office in order to serve alcohol.


    Before purchasing any items for a student organization meeting or program, please check with the SLSE staff regarding items in stock and/or purchasing options.