June 11 to July 12, 2023

This student budget estimates costs to participate in the 2023 Krakow Summer Law Program. Students may anticipate a slight increase in the cost of tuition for the summer of 2022. Actual student living expenses may vary depending on flight costs, housing choices, personal spending habits, and fluctuation in the foreign exchange rate. Visit this site frequently for updates.

Application fee (nonrefundable) $50

Tuition (3-6 credits)
$1,130 per credit
(2022 Summer abroad law tuition rate; students
may anticipate a slight increase in summer 2023)

3 credits = $3,390
4 credits = $4,520
5 credits = $5,650
6 credits = $6,780
New Student fee
(non-Catholic Law students only)
Program Fee $500
Students arrange their own accommodations; the program will provide a list of possible housing options and assistance in the housing selection process. 

$1,400 - $2,000 based on duration, apartment size and fluctuation in currency.

Books & Materials $150 -$350
Estimated Airfare* $1,100 - $1,350
Meals & Personal Items (varies) $1,200 - $1,600
Total Estimate
(On average, student's overall expenses)
approximately $9,850 

PLEASE NOTE: These rates are our current best estimates and are subject to change.

*Students arrange and pay for their own transportation to/ from Krakow

Applications are due by March 6, 2023, or until the program reaches maximum capacity.

Deposit Program Fee, in the amount of $500, is due March 20, 2023. (Note: Class preferences and externship placements are determined by order of deposits.) The deposit is applied to the Program Fee.

Financial Aid 

Students must enroll in a minimum of three credits to be eligible for financial aid. Catholic University law students should plan to meet with our Financial Aid Director to discuss their plans with him. Law students from other law schools should consult their school's financial aid office to determine what assistance may be available.

These costs are not applicable for Polish and Eastern European students. Applicants from these regions should contact Prof. Piotr Szwedo at piotr.szwedo@uj.edu.pl



Students are responsible for their own travel arrangements between the United States and Kraków, Poland. There are regular flights to Warsaw from the U.S. and ground transportation from Warsaw to Krakow is convenient and inexpensive. Kraków's new international airport offers regular flights between selected U.S. and European cities. Ground transportation from other European cities to Kraków is also available at a reasonable price. American passport holders, visiting up to 90 days, do not need visas to enter Poland.

Here are a few links to helpful Web sites:

British Airways





LOT (Polish airlines)

Northwest Airlines

Ryanair (within Europe)


United Airlines


Check out Kraków Life to learn more about one of Europe's most beautiful and exciting cities. The website will give you information about Krakow, including maps, restaurants, hotels, shopping, entertainment, and more! Find out more about this great city where you could spend your summer!


Students are responsible for selecting and securing their own accomodation in Poland. Over the past few years, students have moved away from accepting Catholic Law-arranged accommodations in favor of making their own housing arrangements. Students find this option more attractive, as they have greater control over housing costs and they may choose to share cost of a more spacious apartment with classmate(s) attending the program. Students who may be traveling with family members or anticipate visitors during the course of the program will require appropriate accommodations. For this reason, it is no longer feasible for the Program to provide pre-arranged student housing.

Students are responsible for their arrangements. Before entering into any housing agreements, students are advised to understand the terms of the agreement, including cost, amenities, and refund policy concerning deposits and other payments. Kraków is an ancient city, therefore rental properties may or may not offer air conditioning, elevators or Wi-Fi access as standard features. Students should seek accommodations convenient to the Krupnicza 33, Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University, where classes are held.  Full address is Krupnicza 33, 31-123 Kraków, Poland.

The Program will provide a guide to accommodations in Kraków and Warsaw and offer assistance to students as they explore housing options.



Students are responsible for their own meals. Prices in Poland are still very reasonable by Western standards and are subject to modest fluctuation, depending on changes in the Polish economy. Students can enjoy a hearty lunch or dinner for the equivalent of $6-$12. Elaborate meals are more expensive, but a student can savor the wide expanse of Polish cuisine without taxing the pocketbook.