The Columbus School of Law is an integral part of The Catholic University of America and it supports and advances the aims and goals of the university as a whole, as they have been affirmed throughout the university's history and are currently stated in the university's mission statement. These aims and goals manifest themselves in a core commitment to the ideals of the dignity of each human person; respect for the inviolability of all human life; justice rooted in the common good; the recognition and protection of human rights as gifts of the Creator; care for the poor, the neglected, and the vulnerable; and the obligation of love for one another. As a law school, we strive to discover, preserve, and impart the truth in all its forms; to achieve academic distinction in the Catholic intellectual tradition; and to assure, in an institutional manner, faithfulness to the university's Christian inspiration.

The school's sense of institutional integrity and community reflects its fidelity to Catholic ideals and beliefs. As such, the school is committed to fostering its already strong bonds of community by continuing to promote and maintain respect for and among faculty, administrators, students, staff, and alumni, and respect for the diversity of backgrounds, religious affiliations, viewpoints, and contributions that members bring to the Law School community.

We bring together an able and diverse student body and provide the students with an exceptional professional education designed to prepare and motivate them to serve with intelligence, integrity, and vigor the needs of clients, communities, the nation, civil society, and the international community. We strive to impart to our students a comprehensive set of practical competencies, a broad range of doctrinal knowledge, and an unwavering commitment to the ethical practice of law. Beyond the first year of studies, we encourage students to consider participating in structured specialization through an array of institutes, clinical education, centers, and programs that enhance the skills that are essential to providing the highest quality legal representation. Through the provision of high-quality instruction, rigorous scholarship, professional achievement, and community service, the Law School is committed to making substantial and lasting contributions to the enrichment of knowledge, the integrity of the legal profession, and the enhancement of the welfare of the broader community, the nation, and the Church.

-December 18, 2009-