Welcome and Congratulations on Your Acceptance to Catholic Law!

We look forward to you joining us in Washington, DC! As an Admitted Student to Catholic Law, you are now part of a supportive community of students, faculty, staff, and alumni who want to see you succeed and challenge you to grow both academically and personally. Below is information to help as you prepare for law school. Congratulations again and we look forward to seeing you at Admitted Students Day and First-Year Orientation.


Admitted Student Events
All admitted applicants are automatically considered for merit-based scholarships and are notified of their award just after admittance decisions. Other forms of scholarship are available through outside sources, some of which may be found here and here.

Using Cardinal Students and Making Your Seat Deposit

Cardinal Station is the landing page housing Catholic University's student/faculty/staff information, functions, and management systems for conducting academic and administrative activity. Within Cardinal Station, the student services portal Cardinal Students is the main source for students to carry out a number of functions, such as making a tuition deposit, updating personal information, viewing and accepting financial aid, paying fees, viewing class schedules, checking grades, etc. Once you have logged into Cardinal Students, you will find the various uses fairly intuitive. If you are ready to make your seat deposit, click here.


Pre-Orientation Coursework and Assignments

All incoming students are expected to take a Lawyering Fundamentals online course during the summer months, prior to Orientation, in order to help prepare for the law school experience. Course information, access, and the assignment schedule will be provided sometime around the middle of June. The course is designed to be completed over a period of about 14 days, and includes simulated classes with assigned readings and interactive modules, along with practice on case briefing, outlining, essay writing, and other helpful success strategies. Most importantly, however, the course is meant to demystify various law school teaching methods to better acclimate you to law school.

All assignments will be completed in an online classroom. The course is not a credit-bearing course to be factored into your GPA, but you will receive a grade on your performance and are expected to score 65% or higher to successfully complete or pass the course (with 50% of your grade based on participation and 50% on an essay and multiple-choice question exam at the end of the course). More information to follow.

First Year Curriculum and Registering for Classes

Day Division - First-year full-time day students take 15 credits of required courses in each Fall and Spring semesters. Classes typically meet Monday through Thursday between 9:00am and 5:00pm and Friday between 9:00am and 12:00pm. Students should also be prepared to attend some programs on Friday afternoons.

Evening Division - Evening Division students take a minimum of 10 credits in each Fall and Spring semesters. Classes take place between the hours of 5:45pm and 10:00pm.

All First-Year Students - Incoming first-year students (day and evening division) will be assigned to class sections typically by mid-July. Thereafter, the Registrar automatically assigns courses and notifies students of their schedules. Thus, first-year students need not register for first semester courses.

Assignments for First Classes

Many professors will reach out to their classes prior to orientation, so please be on the lookout for emails from your professors. To learn more about our faculty click here. You will receive a password for the online syllabi managing system once you arrive for Orientation.


You will be able to determine your course schedule and required books once you have received your section assignment in late summer.  After your class section and schedule are confirmed, you can purchase your books at the University Bookstore or from any other source you choose. If there are no materials identified for a course, the professor is still in the process of selecting materials for the semester.  

Survival Guide for New Students

The Judge Kathryn J. DuFour Law Library welcomes incoming students and has created and will share a resource guide during Orientation for incoming students. The guide includes information about preparing for class, getting online, and utilizing library resources during your first few days and weeks in law school.

  • Meet Catholic Law's Student Ambassadors

    Student Ambassadors

    Catholic Law Student Ambassadors serve as dedicated volunteers seeking to foster connections and interactions with prospective and accepted students, aiming to acquaint them with myriad opportunities within our law school community. Our exceptional Student Ambassadors are eager to address inquiries, offer insight, and share their experiences at Catholic Law.