Beginning in the first year of law school, we highly encourage students to participate in SoapBox to get a flavor of what appellate advocacy is all about. SoapBox is an intraschool competition between strictly 1Ls and is typically held in late January early February. By participating in SoapBox, first-year students are eligible to become Moot Court Associates in their second or third year. If you are a transfer student, please indicate so on your application and the SoapBox requirement will be waived. If you did not participate in SoapBox your first year, you are not discouraged from applying for Moot Court, however preference will go to students who have participated in SoapBox their first year.

Soapbox is an introductory appellate advocacy program. Participants are assigned to represent a party in a dispute focusing on either constitutional, contract or tort law. Using case law provided in the problem, participants formulate a ten-minute oral argument. Participants deliver their arguments under simulated courtroom conditions before a panel of upper-division Moot Court Associates, who serve as judges. Participants are expected to be in courtroom attire and have proper courtroom demeanor.

For any questions regarding SoapBox, please contact the Vice Chancellor of Recruitment, at