About The Catholic University of America Columbus School of Law Moot Court Association

The Moot Court Association (MCA) is one of the largest student participatory groups at the Columbus School of Law. It is a student-run organization composed of members who share a strong interest in oral and written advocacy. The appellate program is the largest in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area. The program includes interscholastic competitions for Moot Court Associates and an intrascholastic competition, known as SoapBox, for first-year students and potential associates. 

Current Board

How to become a member: 1L year: Beginning in the first year of law school, we highly encourage students to participate in SoapBox to get a sense of appellate advocacy. SoapBox is an intrascholastic competition strictly between 1Ls and is typically held in late January early February. By participating in SoapBox, first-year students are eligible to become Moot Court Associates in their second or third year. If you did not participate in SoapBox your first year, you are not discouraged from applying for Moot Court; however, preference will go to students who have participated in SoapBox their first year.

2L and 3L year: The Columbus School of Law MCA sends multiple teams to national tournaments every year. Teams are comprised of the top competitors from our SoapBox 1L competition and our general tryouts held every year for all law students.

For information regarding the securities and trial teams and their separate competitions to become associates, please see for further information.

For any questions or concerns regarding your eligibility as a Moot Court Associate or the Moot Court tryout process, please do not hesitate to contact the team at law-mootcourt@cua.edu