Final exam numbers are produced once per semester towards the end of each semester. Each student will use his or her exam number for all of the semester's in-class final exams, anonymous papers, and final take-home exams. Students will receive a new final exam number towards the end of the next semester. You will be notified via e-mail when your new exam number is ready for viewing in Cardinal Students. Cardinal Students does not contain a history of your final exam numbers.

Students receive a separate number for their in-semester "practice" exams, quizzes and midterms. This in-semester exam number should not be confused with the final exam number and should not be used as a substitute for the final exam number. Once the final exam period begins, only the final exam number should be used.

As mentioned above, final exam numbers are now available on-line within Cardinal Students. To view your current final exam number, please log-in to Cardinal Students and navigate to Student Self Service and then Student Center. Within the Academics portion of the Student Center, you will see a drop-down menu (this is to the left of your course schedule). Within this drop-down menu, select "View Term and Degree" and click on the navigation button . This will bring you to the "My Rank" page. You will see two tabs on this page. The second tab reads "My Exam Number". Please click on this tab to navigate to the exam number page. Your exam number is displayed on this page.

For those students using SofTest, please know your final exam number is pre-loaded into SofTest and will automatically appear on your exams. However, you will still be required to write your final exam number on your exam question booklet.