Students with disabilities who wish to receive accommodations or services must officially register with the University Disability Support Services office (DSS). It is only through a student's voluntary disclosure of a disability and request for accommodation that Catholic Law can support disability needs. To register, the student meets with a DSS adviser, submits the required disability documentation, and formally requests services, including accommodations. Disclosure of disability or request for an accommodation made to a faculty or staff member, other than the staff of DSS, cannot be treated as a request for an accommodation.

Requests for services or accommodation should be made as early as possible to allow time to review requests and documentation and make proper arrangements. Newly accepted students with needs for disability services should report information regarding that need directly to DSS. Students are encouraged to begin the registration process for services prior to enrollment in classes to assure optimal time to provide for appropriate services. Accommodation arrangements may be compromised or denied if a request is not made in a timely manner. Requests for accommodation must be renewed each semester.

For additional information or questions regarding policies, procedures, and services for students with disabilities, please contact DSS at 202-319-5211,, or