All certifications require a signed request form from the student. Unfortunately, telephone requests cannot be accepted. Completed request forms can be submitted to our office (Room 343) or faxed to 202-319-4004.

Please allow 5-7 business days to process all letters and certifications. Our office is unable to provide same day or emergency service, so please plan accordingly.

Enrollment Verification Request

Request letters of good standing, degree verifications, student practice certifications and more. Please note: If you require an enrollment form to be filled-out related to student loan deferment, this form must be taken to the University's Enrollment Services office in Father O'Connell Hall, Room W200. Enrollment Services will assist you in completing this form.

Bar Certification Request

Taking the bar? If you need a law school certificate completed, please click on the above "Bar Certification Request" link.  Please click here for information about the bar application process.  To submit a certification document to our office or to receive a status update on your submitted request, please contact Assistant Dean Bryan McDermott at

Rescheduled Exam

If a student is scheduled for more than one classroom exam in fewer than 24 hours (the 24-hour period is computed from the starting time for each exam), his or her exam(s) will be rescheduled so that the exams will begin at least 24 hours apart. In addition, if a student has an exam on three consecutive days, the third exam will be moved so the student has a day off between the second and third exam. Take-home examinations and papers are excluded from rescheduling considerations. Reasons of personal convenience, including matters relating to employment, do not warrant rescheduling examinations. Students do not have the option to request the rescheduled exam dates or times. If your exam schedule qualifies you for a rescheduled exam, please contact Stuart Schept ( and he will reschedule any conflicting exams.

Directed Research Form

All approved topics require a signed Directed Research form from the faculty advisor.

Master of Legal Studies (M.L.S.) Final Project Form

All approved topics require an M.L.S. Final Project Form form signed by the student, the faculty advisor, and an M.L.S. program director.

New Course Approval Form (faculty use only)

This form should be used by faculty to request the Curriculum Committee's consideration of a new course or the amendment to a currently existing course.

Portfolio Certification Form

This form should be used by all students who have completed a portfolio for upper-level writing requirement credit. Please have the course faculty member sign this document and then the completed form should be submitted to the Registrar's Office (Room 343).

Request to take course(s) at another law school for Catholic Law/CSL credit

Students may be allowed to take courses for credit at another law school with advance permission from the Registrar/Assistant Dean for Academic Services and the Dean of Students.

Request to participate in a Summer Abroad Program at another law school

In addition to our own popular program in Krakow and our new program in Rome, many accredited American law schools conduct summer programs in overseas locations. 

Withdrawal/Academic Leave Form

This form should be used by students to notify the Assistant Dean for Academic Services/Registrar of a request for an academic leave or an intention to withdraw from school prior to graduation. Withdrawals can be in the form of a temporary term withdrawal (i.e. returning next term) or a permanent withdrawal from the Law School. A student will be given an academic leave when his or her request is for good cause and he or she plans to re-enroll within a reasonable time.