Class ranks are produced once per year at the end of the academic year. Each student is ranked within the division/class (for example, part-time first-year) which he or she occupied in the previous academic year. Second-year full-time and part-time students are re-ranked in the early Fall of their second year to account for students who have transferred away from, or withdrawn from, the Columbus School of Law.

Class ranks are available online within Cardinal Students. To view your class rank, please log in to Cardinal Students and click on the Academic Progress tile. Please select the "My Term and Degree Rank" option. 

Within the My Term and Degree Rank page, you will see a Term Rank table and a Degree Rank table. The Term Rank table will contain each of your semester class ranks (displayed under the appropriate term). If you are a 2D or 2E student and are looking for your early Fall "re-rank", please view the Summer term of the current year (e.g. Summer 2024). The Term Rank table will contain a history of your class ranks. Of course, when displaying your class rank on any official document (including your resume), you should only use your latest class rank. The Degree Rank table will show your final rank at the point where you have been conferred the J.D. degree. If you are a law student who has previously received a Catholic University of America degree (e.g. B.A.) and have been ranked as part of this non-law degree program, then you will see this degree and rank in this table.

The Percentile value displays the percentage of students who are ranked above you within your division/class. For example, a student with a rank percentile of 20.3% has 20.3% of the class above him or her. Or, in other words, this student is in the top 20.3% of his or her division/class.

To view the GPA decile ranges for your particular division/class (e.g. 3E), please click on the following: decile ranges. This chart outlines the decile ranges for all five current student divisions/classes and the two graduated classes. Please be sure to locate your particular division/class to view the proper ranges. For purposes of this table, your division/class is the division/class you were in this past year. For example, a rising second-year full-time student should view the "1D" chart.