Available Financial Aid

1. For most students, summer financial aid consists of additional Direct PLUS Loan eligibility.

2. CUA-funded scholarships are not available for summer terms.

3. Direct Unsubsidized Loan eligibility is available for students who did not fully utilize the annual maximum of $20,500 during the fall and spring semesters.

Eligible Expenses for Financial Aid

1. Tuition and fees for a minimum of 3 credit hours.

2. Living expenses - a prorated allowance amount based on the weekly allowance during fall and spring semesters; or an amount specified by special study-abroad programs.

3. Airfare for study-abroad programs.

4. Unusual expenses associated with an externship/internship for which a student will receive academic credit applicable to obtaining a JD degree at CUA.

All Programs (On-Campus, CUA-Abroad, Non-CUA, and Non-CUA-Abroad)

Additional Information about study-abroad programs is provided in a later section on this page. The procedures noted below apply to all programs. A study-abroad program sponsored by another law school will require additional paperwork as outlined on our Consortium Agreements page.


1. Complete registration for summer classes.

2. The 2023-2024 FAFSA is applicable to our summer session -- no new FAFSA is needed unless you did not complete a FAFSA for the current school year.

3. (For non-CUA programs) complete a Consortium Agreement.

4. Complete a Summer Financial Loan Request Form (online version).

5. (Beginning April 15) the Financial Aid Office will "match" registration records with "request" forms and will create new financial aid loan records using the chart below, or using costs as determined by study-abroad programs.

6. (Beginning April 15) the Financial Aid Office will contact you when the loan records are ready to view, and to accept.

7. You will accept the desired amount of financial aid.

8. The loan funds will be disbursed to CUA close to the start of the summer term.

9. If the loan disbursement exceeds the total charges for tuition and fees on your account at the time of disbursement, the "excess" funds will be refunded to you within the first two weeks of the summer semester. (See additional information below for non-CUA programs.)

Estimated Cost of Attendance for On-Campus Enrollment:

Please note: loan fees of approximately 4% are withheld, by the Department of Education, from loan disbursements. For example, if you request an $12,000 Federal Direct PLUS Loan, the actual disbursement will be $11,486.   

3 credits 4 credits 5 credits 6 credits 7 credits 8 credits
Tuition $6,096 $8.128 $10,160 $12,192 $14,224 $16,256
Books $244 $325 $406 $488 $569 $650
Living Exp (8 weeks) $6,964 $6,964 $6,964 $6,964 $6,964 $6,964
Total $13,304 $15,417 $17,530 $19,644 $21,757 $23,870

Note: Permission is required from Dean Schept in the Academic Affairs Office to take more than 5 credits during the summer session. Contact him at schept@law.edu or call (202-319-5003).

CUA Summer Abroad Program

Students studying abroad in Cracow should review information found at the Summer Abroad Policies webpages.

Non-CUA Summer Program, Domestic and Abroad (Visiting Away)

CUA students studying another university should review this information, then follow procedures noted above.

Summer Stipends

Use this link to access summer stipend and summer fellowship information.