Making a Tuition Seat Deposit Using the Cardinal Students Portal

This page is intended primarily for first-time users who have received their law student User ID and Password, sent via email at the time of admittance to the law school. If you cannot find the information or need assistance, please call the CatholicU Help Desk at 202-319-HELP or click on this link.

What is Cardinal Students?

Cardinal Station is the landing page housing Catholic University's student/faculty/staff information, functions, and management systems for conducting academic and administrative activity. Within Cardinal Station, the student services portal Cardinal Students is the main source for students to carry out a number of functions, such as making a tuition deposit, updating personal information, viewing and accepting financial aid, paying fees, viewing class schedules, checking grades, etc. Once you have logged into Cardinal Students, you will find the various uses fairly intuitive. 

Making Your Seat Deposit
  • Go to Cardinal Students and sign in using your credentials
  • Choose the Student Homepage from the top pull-down menu, then Student Account
  • Click Make A Payment then click CardinalPAY (in the Finances section)
  • Click Make A Payment and Determine Payment Type (no fees are associated with the Electronic Check option, however, there is a 2.75% fee for credit or debit card payments)
  • Select Continue, enter account information, and review your information
  • Confirm when you are ready to make the payment