Admitted Student Seat Deposit

Instructions: Using Cardinal Students

This page is intended primarily for first-time users. Additional information about Cardinal Students, especially regarding logging on, is available here.

What is Cardinal Students?

Cardinal Students is the name of the Catholic Law student-services portal, through which you may accomplish many tasks including making a tuition deposit your first year, working with your financial aid package, registering for classes (second year), and checking your student account, just to name a few.

How to Connect to Cardinal Students?

From the Law School Home Page, the CatholicU Home Page, and many other locations you will see links for Cardinal Students. Cardinal Station can only be used if you have a valid User ID and Password.

This information is given to you via email at the time you are admitted. If you lose this information, or if you need any assistance, use the following contact information.

1. Call the CatholicU Help Desk at 202-319-HELP, or
2. Visit this webpage: help.cfm
Below is a brief introduction to Cardinal Students using the online payment process as an example for using this portal. We use this example since it is typical of a student’s first use of Cardinal Students. Once you have logged into Cardinal Station, you will find the various uses of Cardinal Students to be fairly intuitive. However, should you need any assistance, you may use the contact information noted above.

Make a Tuition Seat Deposit Payment Using

Cardinal Students

  • Go to
  • Sign On using your User ID and Password
  • Choose Student Homepage from the top pull-down menu
  • Choose Student Account.
  • Choose CardinalPAY in the Finances section of the Student Center
  • Click on the large yellow CardinalPAY button at the bottom of the page --
    Make sure your pop-up blocker is turned off
  • Choose View & Pay Accounts (from the menu on the left side of the page)
  • Click on Pay Law School Enrollment Deposit under “Law School Enrollment Deposit”.
  • Select Fall 2023
  • Select Payment Type – There are no fees associated with the Electronic
  • Check option. However, there is a 2.75% charge for credit or debit card payments.
  • Select Continue and enter your account information on the following screen.
  • Select Continue to review your information
  • Select Confirm to make the payment
  • Contact the CatholicU Help Desk at 202-319-HELP if you experience any problems logging into Cardinal Students.