The Securities and Exchange Commission SEC Scholars Program is a specialized ten-week externship for three credits that provides students from area law schools with an introduction to the Securities and Exchange Commission's regulation of securities and securities markets. Second, third, or fourth-year students who have completed the course in Corporations are eligible for selection by representatives of the SEC to participate in this very competitive program. Each student selected is assigned to one of the divisions of the SEC headquarters in Washington, D.C.

Student observers are assigned to work with SEC staff members on projects involving a broad range of the commission's work. Past projects have included investigation of industry and issuer practices, litigation of civil enforcement actions, administrative proceedings, and drafting proposed statutes and rules.

SEC staff members serve as professional mentors, assisting with research and writing projects as well as providing advice and guidance on career development.

Catholic Law students are required to attend seminars, workshops, and commission meetings as a part of their service at the SEC.

To apply please visit the SEC Scholars Program website: