You may apply to be a participant in the Securities Law Program anytime between your acceptance at the Law School and the beginning of your third term as a day student or your fourth term as an evening student.

However, the best time to apply is shortly after you have accepted your invitation to attend the Law School. While it is possible to apply at the beginning of your second year, the advantage of applying earlier is that you receive earlier guidance as to what you want to get out of law school, what courses you should register for in your second year and you will also receive invitations to all of the Securities Program events including: our lecture series, our mixers with alumni, and our panels on how to find a job in the securities industry. In fact, if you choose not to apply until your second year, you should at least place your name on the SLP mailing list by sending a request to the Director of the Institutes Programs, Ms. Constantia Dedoulis at

There are no additional fees associated with applying to or participating in the Securities Law Program.

Click here to apply to the Securities Law Program.