A concentration in Intellectual Property (IP) Law offers an enhanced level of understanding and mastery within a fascinating and booming area of legal practice. Technology is constantly evolving, and in a world of smartphone wars, cloud computing, medical discoveries, mascot trademark questions, and illegal downloading of copyrighted movies, a thorough grounding in intellectual property will help all attorneys.

Our IP concentration offers a diverse curriculum, including classes focusing on patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, international intellectual property, cyber law, art law, and entertainment law. In these courses, students not only learn the legal principles governing IP but also explore complex and fascinating ethical and moral questions posed by certain aspects of IP law.

Students will have a similarly rich and rewarding experience outside of the classroom by participating in various extracurricular opportunities, such as the IP Law Students Association, IP moot court, the Giles Sutherland Rich Inn of Court, and the Pauline Newman IP American Inn of Court. Students concentrating in IP will also gain practical experience through a wide range of externships in the Washington, D.C., area where numerous government entities, private companies, and nonprofit organizations focus on IP matters.

A "Tracking Sheet" should be used by students to track their progress in completing the concentration. Once all requirements are fulfilled, students should bring the tracking sheet to their concentration coordinator. The concentration coordinator will verify requirements have been met and then sign the bottom of the form. The form should then be submitted to the registrar for processing of the concentration completion letter.

Professor Elizabeth Winston,
Professor Megan La Belle,
Co-coordinators, Intellectual Property Law Concentration