Labor and Employment law affects not just how people work, but how they live their lives. Over a century, its expanded protections have changed the very fabric of American society for the better. Today’s workers are healthier, better paid, enjoy vastly improved working conditions, and have more time with their families than those of a bygone era.

This concentration recognizes that as American society continues to evolve, the practitioners of labor and employment law must keep pace with today’s realities and a changing workforce in order to remain relevant and useful. Our curriculum offers students an enhanced grasp of the fundamentals of this exciting area of practice, including a menu of seven elective courses covering such issues as immigration policy and workers with disabilities.

A "Tracking Sheet" should be used by students to track their progress in completing the concentration. Once all requirements are fulfilled, students should bring the tracking sheet to their concentration coordinator. The concentration coordinator will verify requirements have been met and then sign the bottom of the form. The form should then be submitted to the registrar for processing of the concentration completion letter.

Professor Roger Hartley,
Coordinator, Labor and Employment Concentration