The Student Bar Association (SBA) represents all registered students at the Columbus School of Law. Each year, law students elect a fourteen-member board and a president to advocate for the wellness of law students at all levels of the University. The mission of SBA is to serve all students of Catholic Law, ensuring the student body's voice is heard in all decisions and to establish a cohesive community which engenders reliance as students move on from the academic stage of their career. The Board works with faculty, staff, student organizations, and the administration on issues of concern.

SBA plans the annual Barristers' Ball, participates in orientation and student awards night, distributes the budget to student organizations, and works with all student organizations to build a robust community; through a "Student Organization Senate,” the SBA assists in advertising, planning events, and co-sponsoring community service opportunities and events with student organizations. SBA encourages all students who want to be more actively involved in the community and have ideas pertaining to the advancement of academic life at Catholic Law to reach out.

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