The Student Bar Association (SBA) represents all registered students at the Columbus School of Law. Each year, law students elect a ten-member board and a president to provide effective representation of law student opinion at all levels of the University. The mission of the SBA is to increase student involvement in the operation of the law school, to protect student rights and promote student standards of professional responsibility, and to contribute to the greater cohesiveness of the student body. The Board works with faculty, staff, and administration on issues of concern, and chooses student representatives to sit on faculty committees and participate in faculty meetings.

The SBA also has its own internal committees such as community service, social programming, student directory, graduation, and admissions/recruiting. The SBA plans the annual Barristers' Ball, participates in orientation and student awards night, and through a "Student Organization Senate" works with all student organizations to encourage co-sponsorship of events and community building.

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If you need additional information about this organization, please contact Heather Doer (, Student Engagement and Events Specialist.