Reason. Faith. Service. These three simple words form the bedrock principles upon which The Catholic University of America is founded. The University’s mission is to cultivate a student body that is rich in its commitment to academic and professional excellence. As lawyers in training at the Columbus School of Law, we have a special obligation within the expectations of Catholic social teaching to serve others. You do not have to be Catholic to recognize the profound benefits that community outreach provide not only to those in need, but also to each of us as individuals, to our law school, and to the University as a whole.

There has always been a community service requirement for the student organizations at the Columbus School of Law. Each year, our organizations enthusiastically take up this obligation and do much good for the greater metropolitan community. The Dean regularly challenges us to make pro-bono work a commitment. This challenge represents a renewed dedication to a mission that has always characterized this school: nurture the brain and nurture the soul. The commitment to service sets us apart from our peers at other schools. It is part of the unique, and much respected, character of the Columbus School of Law graduate.