The Annual LALSA Alumni Award Reception is where LALSA honors outstanding former LALSA members who are alumni of The Catholic University of America Columbus School of Law (CUA Law), celebrates their accomplishments, and recognizes their contributions to their industries or professions. The Reception also offers an opportunity to recognize LALSA alumni who have made extraordinary contributions to the community (i.e., the Hispanic community) and/or demonstrated their continued support for CUA Law. Lastly, the Reception aims to strengthen the long standing relationship between LALSA alumni and current students.

Distinguished LALSA Alumnus Award - Criteria

Recipients may be honored in one of three distinct categories

Professional Achievement

○ The recipient attained prominence in his or her profession or industry, forming a record of accomplishment that is worthy of recognition by the CUA Law community and the nation at large

Service to the Community

○ The recipient exhibits integrity, selflessness, an interest in bettering the lives of others through volunteer efforts, and/or a demonstrated commitment to serving the community (especially the Hispanic community)

Helped Us Find Our Way

○ The recipient's actions show a sense of pride and loyalty for his or her alma mater, reflect on the importance of his or her educational training, and demonstrate his or her interest in and support of the law school, LALSA, and their programs

Eligible Nominees

Recipients may be honored in one of three distinct categories

● Must be a JD alumni of CUA Law

● Must have been a LALSA Member for at least one (1) year during his/her time at CUA Law

Nomination Process

● LALSA Executive Board provides an Alumni Award Nomination Form online

● In addition to completing and submitting the Award Nomination Form (required), nominators are encouraged to provide supporting items that further distinguish the nominee by emailing at valderrama@cua.edu. Such items include, but are not limited to:

○ Letter of nomination written by the nominator
○ Current biography or curriculum vitae for the individual
○ Newspaper and magazine articles (links)
○ Personal stories
○ Award or certificates of achievement
○ Other items of interest

● The nominator may be any of the following individuals or groups:

○ A current CUA Law student
○  A CUA Law Alumni or former student
○  Any member of the CUA Law administration, faculty or staff
○  Any friend of CUA Law

● Nominees may be considered for more than one award category but may only be selected for one award

Award Selection Process

Recipients may be honored in one of three distinct categories

● LALSA's Executive Board will collect submitted nominations which will be reviewed and validated.
● LALSA's Executive Board will vote on each of the nominations, and awards may be determined by a simple majority of the votes cast


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