The online resources listed below are intended to assist you in developing a career development plan and should be considered only part of a comprehensive job search strategy. Beyond job postings, these resources identify different practice areas and career paths as well as potential employers. This list of resources is by no means exhaustive. We strongly recommend contacting OCPD to schedule a meeting with a career advisor in order to develop an individualized job search strategy. Please call (202) 319-5132 or email to schedule an appointment.

12twenty Jobs Database Registration with OCPD Required

Going Global: Investigate positions overseas and research hiring organizations and visa specifications. Follow this link and select Going Global on the left-hand margin to login.  Use your CUA login and password.

Internships USA: Offers an online listing of internships for law students. Follow this link and select Internships USA on the left-hand margin to login.  Use your CUA login and password.

NALP Directory of Legal Employers


Government Honors & Internship Handbook1

Public Policy Handbook1

Federal Legal Employment Opportunities Guide

Westlaw Career Services

Lexis Nexis Career Resources




1 These sites are password protected. Please call or email OCPD for login and password.

NOTE: OCPD is not responsible for the content or the accuracy of the information presented within the sites and the inclusion of sites in this resource does not constitute an endorsement. This is not a comprehensive list of all the legal resources available on the Internet.