• How will Students and Alumni contact OCPD?

    Students and Alumni can contact OCPD via phone at 202-319-5132 and email at jobs@law.edu. We are also available via Zoom and Google Meet. Please feel free to continue to schedule meetings via the OCPD App.
  • Will OCPD continue to review resumes and cover letters?

    Yes, OCPD will continue to review resumes and cover letters. Please send any resumes and cover letters that you would like to have reviewed to jobs@law.edu.
  • Are OCPD Handouts Available?

    Many handouts are available in Symplicity in your Document Library. You can also request an electronic copy of all OCPD handouts by sending an email to jobs@law.edu
  • Should Students and Alumni continue to search for jobs on Symplicity?

    Yes, job opportunities are updated in Symplicity on a daily basis. Please continue to search for job opportunities.
  • Will OCPD continue to counsel students and perform interview prep?

    Yes, please continue to contact OCPD via email or phone. Interview prep can be performed via phone or Google Meet.
  • What if Students have an actual interview scheduled in the coming weeks?

    Please reach out to your contact person at the potential employer and make alternative arrangements for previously scheduled interviews. If you have additional questions, please reach out to OCPD for guidance.
  • Are career counselors available to provide employment guidance to students and alums?

    Yes, the staff of the Office of Career and Professional Development (OCPD) are available for remote counseling, interview prep, and document review during normal business hours. You can schedule an appointment by emailing jobs@law.edu or signing up for a meeting time on the OCPD app.
  • Will OCPD continue to provide career programming and information?

    Yes, please be sure to watch for coming podcasts and video tutorials regarding Fall OCI, Being Successful During Your Summer Experience and Getting a Job in the Federal Government.
  • Are employers hiring for internships and permanent employment? If so, is OCPD still posting these opportunities?

    Yes, many employers are still hiring. While you may need to interview and work remotely for a period of time, you should continue to apply for opportunities.

    OCPD continues to post available opportunities and work to cultivate new partnerships for students and alums. In fact, if you are interested in working with a document review partner, send an email to jobs@law.edu for additional information.

    Please continue to check Symplicity for available positions. If you have a problem logging in, please send an email to jobs@law.edu.

  • Are there additional ways to gain meaningful legal experience during the summer and fall?

    You can gain legal experience by working on a pro bono project; taking a clinical course; writing an article or a blog; working as a teaching assistant; or attending educational events.

    Please consider joining professional organizations (ABA, WBA DC, ACS, or WCL to name a few) and attending virtual events. Most bar associations also conduct virtual CLE courses and webinars that anyone can attend for free or a nominal fee.

    We are also working with CLI and NALP to offer the Tipping the Scales Summer Webinar Series and the Passport to Practice Program to students and alums for free.

    If you would like to write an article or a blog, review the attached information about publishing your own article.

  • What should I do if I have not heard from my employer? How should I approach the employer?

    These are very difficult times for everyone, including employers. It is reasonable to reach out to discuss next steps, but it is not reasonable to expect that everything will run smoothly during a pandemic. We are all trying to develop best practices and move forward in an organized manner. Please be patient and flexible in your communications with employers.
  • What are the plans for Fall OCI and Spring OCI?

    We are continuing to touch base with employers to confirm the timing for both Fall OCI and Spring OCI. As it stands right now, Fall OCI will be a virtual event that primarily consists of military employers, as many firms and state agencies have shifted to Spring OCI. During the late fall, we will provide information regarding the logistics associated with Spring OCI.
  • I plan to apply for clerkships. Will OCPD assist with letters of recommendation?

    OCPD will continue to upload letters of recommendation into the OSCAR system. If you must submit a paper application, you should discuss this with your recommender. Faculty members should contact the faculty administrative assistants to send out letters of recommendation printed on faculty letterhead. OCPD does not handle printed letters of recommendation.
  • As a 2020 graduate, should I anticipate that some employers may change their start dates for new employees?

    Sadly, we anticipate that some employers will need to shift their start dates to late fall or early spring so that graduates will be able to complete the bar before beginning employment. While there is no way to track smaller firms, judicial clerkships, or in-house employers, Reddit is tracking the on-boarding plans for large law firms (https://www.reddit.com/r/LawSchool/comments/fuf8ki/tracking_summer_program_changes/). If an
    employer has not mentioned their on-boarding plans, you should reach to inquire about their plans for fall on-boarding. OCPD is happy to discuss your specific situation with you.
  • As a 2020 graduate who has yet to secure a post grad position, I am concerned about the postponement of the bar exam and its impact on my job search. How should I structure my job search?

    Creating a job search strategy is an incredibly individualized process. Please schedule an appointment with a career counselor.