Welcome to the Catholic University Journal of Law and Technology (JLT), formerly known as the CommLaw Conspectus: Journal of Communications Law and Technology Policy. As Catholic Law's premier publication to sit at the intersection of law and technology, JLT publishes thoughtful, timely, and useful articles that analyze legal issues created by ever-changing technology. Technology law and policy are constantly undergoing rapid changes, and JLT is dedicated to addressing and highlighting cutting-edge issues facing this area of law.

Located in Washington, D.C., JLT shares a unique relationship with the Federal Communications Commission and other federal policymakers. Members of JLT also work closely with the Catholic University Law & Technology Institute. This one-of-a-kind program prepares law students for practice in communications law, information privacy law, and intellectual property law through seminars, courses, and externships in government, industry, public interest organizations, and law firms.

JLT is a semiannual publication. A typical issue contains three to four lead articles written by communications law, information privacy law, or intellectual property law scholars and practitioners and three to four student notes and comments. In addition, we periodically publish essays, book reviews, a bibliography of recent communications law, information privacy law, and intellectual property law books, and summaries of major related cases and FCC dockets.