Since it was founded, the Catholic University Law Review has been an exclusively student-run publication. Membership on the Law Review is by invitation only. Potential new members will be offered Staff Editor positions in early summer following the grading of the write-on competition. They will then participate in an orientation held in August prior to the commencement of classes. Membership is a one-year commitment, with Staff Editors having the option of running for a position on the Editorial Board after their first year.

The Catholic University Law Review regularly publishes Notes and Comments written by its student members. Each Staff Editor of the Law Review must complete a Note or Comment on a novel and current legal topic during his or her first year of membership as part of the Journal’s writing program. Upon completion, Staff Editors then have a choice of submitting their Notes or Comments for potential publication. Staff Editors may also satisfy one of their academic writing requirements through the Law Review’s writing program.

Current Students

Members are selected based on their performance in the Law Review's annual writing competition, which takes place in the spring, and on their academic performance. Current students who are interested in joining the Law Review must participate in the writing competition in order to receive an invitation. The writing competition is open to all first and second year students in the full-time program and to all second and third year students in the part-time program.

Transfer Students

Students who are transferring to the Catholic University of America’s Columbus School of Law, also have the ability to apply for membership to the Catholic University Law Review. Please contact the editorial board for more information.