November 04, 2022

cybersecurity panel discussionOn November 3, the Law and Public Policy Program (LPP) at Catholic Law held a discussion on protecting yourself in a world of digital threats with two experts in the cybersecurity field. This was the second installment of LPP's lecture series this fall. Brian Svoboda, Director of LPP, introduced Ted Chiodo, CEO & Founder, LANGLEY CYBER, and Matt Ashburn, CSO & Partner, LANGLEY CYBER, to the students in attendance. Both Chiodo and Ashburn talked through various ways an individual can take preventative measures against cyber attacks, as well as what to do in case of an attack. They noted that once an enemy actor accesses your data, they typically quietly watch and observe your actions. This allows them to collect data on various aspects of your life. The conversation continued with examples of outsiders accessing emails, client files, financial data, personal information, etc. Following their discussion they opened the floor for questions from the students in attendance.

Ted Chiodo is the chief executive officer of LANGLEY CYBER. In this role, Ted utilizes his experience working in the highest levels of the government to oversee all aspects of business operations. Prior to joining LANGLEY CYBER, Ted worked in the White House for six years as a special assistant to the president and the deputy staff secretary.

Matt Asburn serves as the Chief Strategy Officer at LANGLEY CYBER. Matt is LANGLEY CYBER’s leading technical expert and manages comprehensive risk reduction strategies, strategic initiatives, and incident response strategy for client teams. Prior to his role at LANGLEY CYBER, Matt served as a CIA officer focusing on cyber issues, including a detail serving on the National Security Council as the Chief Information Security Officer and Special Advisor to the National Security Advisor, leading technical expertise, risk reduction strategies, and policy for national security systems.