April 09, 2021

Anthony-Minute.jpegSome enter law school with a general interest in the law, but not sure specifically which area they want to focus on. Others start their J.D. passionate about a particular area of study and ready to lean into a career direction. Catholic Law’s offerings of academic concentrations allow for students to follow their passions with advanced levels of expertise in some of today’s most dynamic areas of the law. For Catholic Law second-year Anthony Minute, the opportunity to follow his interest in securities law has set him up for success. Minute recently reflected on his first two years in law school.

Originally from Florida’s Space Coast, Minute studied finance and real estate at the University of Central Florida—participating as a member of the school’s rowing team and earning his real estate license in the process. It was during his undergraduate experience that he first realized his interest in securities law. Through his course work, Minute began studying the 2008 Financial Crisis. This close examination of the financial turmoil experienced by America during this time ignited his interest. He shared, “I truly felt a calling to pursue securities law through the regulatory work of the federal government as an attorney. The ability to serve as a safeguard for millions of families relying on stable financial markets for their livelihoods is an extremely humbling mission and an aspiration that has motivated me every day of law school.”

When it came time for Minute to choose a law school, Catholic Law presented him with what he described as, “an opportunity that was too good to pass up.” Catholic Law’s Securities Law Program played a vital role in Minute’s decision. Minute explained, “I entered law school with the intention of pursuing securities law from the very beginning and the Securities Law Program is, what I believe to be, the most comprehensive securities law curriculum in the nation.” He also noted that alumni involvement is a crucial component in the strength of the program. Minute added, “Catholic Law alumni have established impactful careers within the securities industry, and being a member of such a phenomenal certificate program is the best motivating factor I could have in a law school experience.”

Catholic Law’s close-knit community and well-placed campus provide its students with access to countless legal opportunities on- and off-campus that Minute has taken advantage of over the course of his two years at the Law School. As a member of several student organizations, Minute has played a role in contributing to the campus culture. Since joining the Catholic Law community in 2019, in addition to being a member of the Securities Law program Minute has also been a member of the Catholic Law chapter of the Federalist Society. During the 2020-2021 academic year, Minute added positions as Staff Editor for The Catholic University Law Review, Vol. 70, and as a member of the Securities Law Moot Court team. Minute has also made an impact as President of The Saint Pope John Paul II Guild of Catholic Lawyers. In the role, he helped to orchestrate a panel that explored Catholic social teaching and how it relates to the death penalty. Minute has also fostered his commitment to the greater Catholic University community by working with Campus Ministry. He shared, “ I had the amazing opportunity to complete the Rite of Christian Initiation (RCIA) program with Campus Ministry during my first year as a law student.”

Minute has also taken advantage of what he noted as “several one-of-a-kind opportunities to complete externships.” Most notably amongst these opportunities were his positions within the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) Student Legal Honors Program—where worked as a legal intern in the Division of Enforcement—and interning at the Office of General Counsel for the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs. Even in the turmoil caused by the pandemic, Minute was able to make the most of the latter position during the summer of 2020. Regarding both experiences, Minute highlighted the great hands-on experience he received, “Working alongside brilliant attorneys and learning the intuitiveness behind their work on a daily basis is simply something that cannot be obtained elsewhere.” Minute also recently accepted a position with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), assisting in their Appellate Division for the Summer 2021 session. Minute thanked Catholic Law’s Office of Career and Professional Development (OCPD) for helping to make these opportunities possible. He said, “All of these opportunities have been directly attributed to the phenomenal help of OCPD, and could not have been possible without the preparation that CUA Law has provided me as a student.”

Of course, like most 2L law students, the law school experience over the last year has been different, to say the least, as individuals and institutions have navigated and adapted to life in a pandemic. Despite the obstacles, Minute also views the time as an opportunity for growth and shared his pride in his resiliency when faced with a challenge. He observed, “My biggest takeaway from the COVID-19 pandemic has been perseverance. In the classroom, in internships, and in personal relationships, the pandemic has effectively flipped our lives as law students in many ways. The hard work and dedication I’ve poured into my studies have been the only real constant in my life this past year, as can also probably be said for all of my classmates. I’ve ultimately committed the last 24 years of my life to develop myself as a future lawyer, and I am determined to see myself through the end of this pandemic as a law school graduate and attorney.” Minute also shared his strategies for maintaining a sense of balance as he moves through his law school career, “The biggest contributor to balance I’ve been able to find—no matter how cliché it may sound—is setting aside guaranteed time for myself every day. Whether in the form of calling a friend, cooking dinner, or even a nap, I dedicate a few minutes of my own time to a tiny thing that I can find a bit of peace in every day.”

As he nears the end of his second year at Catholic Law, Minute looks excitedly towards his future and is thankful for the decision he made to join the Catholic Law community. He concluded, “Attending Catholic Law has been a big blessing. Every professor truly cares about their job and their students, which is such a cordial environment to be around every day. Beyond that, the Catholic Law community is possibly the tightest-knit group I’ve had the opportunity of being a member of. From students to alumni and faculty, I’ve truly felt welcomed by Catholic Law all throughout the pursuit of my degree.”