April 07, 2021

Catholic Law Professor Roger Colinvaux recently joined colleagues in writing an amicus brief for the Supreme Court case, Americans for Prosperity Foundation v. Rodriquez, to be argued before the Court later this month on April 26. The case concerns the constitutionality of California's requirement that organizations that solicit charitable funds in California provide the State Attorney General with information about their substantial contributors, as is already reported to the IRS under federal law. Colinvaux is one of 12 authors to file the brief—all of whom are professors and scholars of the law regarding nonprofit organizations. Their work is aimed to help the Court gain a deeper understanding of the interdependence of charities, states, and taxpayers, as well as to provide a clearer understanding of state supervision of charities and how it relates to federal tax law.

Click here to read the full Brief of Amici Curiae Scholars of the Law of Non-Profit Organizations in Support of Respondent: Americans for Prosperity Foundation v. Matthew Rodriguez, Nos. 19-251 & 19-255.