October 04, 2020

Washington Monument

Catholic Law Professor Emeritus Clifford Fishman reflects on statues and how Americans evaluate “national heroes” in a piece recently published in Washington Jewish Week. The piece is a shortened version of a sermon Fishman gave on August 29. Fishman uses the Second Commandment as an entry point for discussing the shortcomings of America’s critical evaluations of national heroes as well as how the discussion has and should continue to move forward.

Washington Jewish Week
By: Clifford Fishman
Date: September 30, 2020
After the Confederate statues, are Washington and Jefferson next?

But I don’t think America has done as good a job in evaluating our national heroes — until recently. That process began several years ago with statues venerating leaders of the Confederacy.

I believe those statues and monuments should come down. But how they come down is also important.

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