August 25, 2020

Catholic Law Professor Roger Colinvaux was quoted in a recent Law360 article. The discussion concerned the U.S. Department of the Treasury conducting a review of existing regulations and the tax-exempt status for universities in the United States after a Presidential tweet raised questions about their exemptions.

By: David van den Berg
Date: August 17, 2020
Colleges’ Tax-Exempt Status Unlikely To Change After Review

Roger Colinvaux of The Catholic University of America's Columbus School of Law said the policy review "could and likely does mean nothing."

"It could just mean as little as the folks at Treasury rereading the regulations on the meaning of educational, and deciding they're fine," Colinvaux said. "Potentially, a policy review could become part of a larger project to bring in new standards for distinguishing between propaganda and education; but that is a task fraught with peril and would not likely harm universities — rather it would be more alarming to hate groups and think tanks."

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