July 22, 2020

A recent sermon written by Catholic Law Professor Emeritus Clifford Fishman was published by the Washington Jewish Week. The sermon, “Equal protection, equal justice under the law” comments on the Torah portion Matot-Massei, Numbers 30:2-36:13, which focuses on the law of homicide. Fishman's sermon draws a connection between the verses and recent current events.

Washington Jewish Week
By: Clifford Fishman
Date: July 15, 2020
Equal protection, equal justice under the law

“Much of contemporary American law is derived from these verses. Of course, there are differences in detail. Our parshah was written for a mostly agrarian society of tribes and clans with no police, no central state, and no prison system. Today we have alternatives to the death sentence not available then. But the fundamental principles are the same. Does it matter, in this body of laws, who the victim is? Does it matter who the perpetrator is?”

Click here to read Fishman’s full sermon, found on page 26.