October 08, 2019

Catholic Law Professor Roger Colinvaux's article, which identifies two goals of the charitable giving tax incentives, was featured as the cover story in Tax Notes. The article is entitled, Charitable Tax Reform For the 21st Century. Professor Colinvaux co-authored the article with Professor Ray D. Madoff, Boston College Law School. Below is the abstract, and the full article can be downloaded here.


The article identifies two goals of the charitable giving tax incentives: promoting actual charitable work and fostering a strong culture of charitable giving with broad participation. The recent increase to the standard deduction and the rise of donor-advised funds compromise both goals. The article outlines reform proposals to bolster the charitable sector, including expanding the giving incentive to all taxpayers in the form of a credit (subject to a giving floor), allowing some tax benefits to DAF donors upon contribution but delaying the income tax deduction until DAF funds are released from advisory privileges, closing loopholes that enable foundations and donors to skirt long-standing legal requirement, and modifying incentives to foundations to foster more spending.