A Professionally Diverse Environment

One of our greatest strengths is our diverse community. Our students, faculty, and administration are committed to creating an enriching learning environment. We value the perspective that each student brings to the law school and we embrace diversity in its broadest forms. Our commitment to diversity does not end with our students. It is reflected in all levels of our administration and our faculty as well.

Since its inception in 1897, Catholic University’s law school has established a progressive history of inclusion. Our first African-American student was enrolled in 1902; our first female student in 1922.

As Pope Francis said in an address on Oct. 31st, 2014,
“Unity does not imply uniformity; it does not necessarily mean doing everything together or thinking in the same way. Nor does it signify a loss of identity. Unity in diversity is actually the opposite: it involves the joyful recognition and acceptance of the various gifts... It means knowing how to listen, to accept differences, and having the freedom to think differently and express oneself with complete respect towards the other who is my brother or sister. Do not be afraid of differences!”
        [Address to Catholic Fraternity of the Charismatic Covenant Communities and Fellowship, Oct. 31, 2014]

As a law school community, we are very aware of the importance of varying perspectives, diverse backgrounds, and contrasting experiences in the law school classroom. It is our job as a law school not only to train the students to be the best lawyers, but to provide an enriching legal education. Catholic Law strives to attain a diverse class in order to produce legal professionals of conscience and compassion. Our graduates are well prepared to resolve the most difficult legal issues due to their varied perspectives, ethical groundings, and strong community values.


Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council

The Columbus School of Law has long recognized the importance of attracting, maintaining, and supporting a diverse and inclusive community in order to advance its mission and educational objectives. To assist in achieving these goals, the Dean of the Law School has established a Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council composed of staff, faculty, alumni, and students.

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A Snapshot of the Fall 2019 Entering Class

Students came to Catholic Law from 24 states, including the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, as well as Argentina, Canada, China, Finland, India, Japan, Nigeria, Peru, Poland, Singapore, Rwanda, and Trinidad and Topago. They represent 107 colleges and universities.

  • 29% of the student body are self-identified as members of a recognized minority group.
  • 17% of the incoming class holds advanced degrees in such areas as: Teaching, Economics, Arab Studies, Film and Television, Philosophy, Forensic and Legal Psychology, International Peace and Conflict Resolution, Information Systems, Finance, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Biotechnology, Sport and Recreation Studies, Environmental and Energy Management, Epidemiology.
  • Class members brought an amazing range of prior experience to the Law School, including careers such as: Police Officer for the Metropolitan Police Department, International Trade Advisor, Production Assistant, Major U.S. Army, Corporal U.S. Marine Corps, Platoon Leader U.S. Army, Patent Agent, English Teacher in Rome, Italy, Liturgical Musical Composer, Actor, Seeing Eye Dog Trainer, American Sign Language Instructor, Government Relations Specialist for eBay, Director of Policy, U.S. Chambers of Commerce, Volunteer Firefighter/EMS Provider, Freelance photographer, Event coordinator - Special Olympics, American Sign Language Instructor