Megan La Belle
Elizabeth Winston

We are pleased to serve as Co-Directors of the Catholic University Law and Technology Institute (LTI). LTI prepares its students for successful legal careers in the highly dynamic and important fields of communications law, intellectual property law, and data privacy law. Our law school launched one of the first communications law programs of its kind more than three decades ago. Our intellectual property program has a similarly rich history beginning with our founding dean, William Callyhan Robinson, the author of the leading patent law treatise of his time. Catholic Law’s substantial alumni network include nationally known experts and leaders in fields that focus on the interest in law and technology including communications, copyright, cyber security, data privacy, media, patent, and trademark law.

We invite current and prospective students to explore these pages and learn about the opportunities LTI has to offer. Whether you have already developed an interest in law and technology, or if you are intrigued by the possibility of making these cutting-edge fields the focus of your legal education, please consider joining us. We look forward to working with you!

Professor Megan M. La Belle
Professor Elizabeth I. Winston