The Columbus School of Law's Office of Career and Professional Development (OCPD) is dedicated to assisting students in search of internship and externship opportunities during school, employment after graduation, and career advice for the rest of their lives. Staffed by career planning professionals with advanced degrees in law, the office provides individual and group counseling, workshops, panels, instructional materials, and job listings as well as activities that facilitate direct contact with prospective employers.

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Employment Outcomes

Each March, law schools report their previous year's graduating class employment stats to the ABA. The findings are then published by the ABA and posted on each law school's website. To view Catholic Law's class of 2023's employment stats, click here. To view past employment stats, visit Catholic Law's Consumer Information (ABA Required Disclosures) page, here.

93.4% of Catholic Law's Class of 2023 were employed ten months after graduation in positions that are considered full-time, long-term Bar Passage Required or J.D. Advantage jobs. Catholic Law's employment rate exceeded the national average of 85.6% for full-time, long-term Bar Passage Required or J.D. Advantage jobs for the class of 2023.

Below is a chart which reflects the breakdown of Catholic Law's 2023 graduates by employment sector:  

Class of 2023 Employment Outcomes by Industry breakdown

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