September 13, 2022

Mark Rienzi, Director of the Center for Religious Liberty and Professor of Law at Catholic Law, and President of The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, was recently quoted by the Wall Street Journal regarding a recent Supreme Court win on behalf of Yeshiva University.

Wall Street Journal
Date: September 12, 2022
By: William McGurn
Yeshiva University Case Means We’re All Jews Now - Every American has a stake in upholding the school’s right to free exercise.

“The stakes couldn’t be higher, not just for Yeshiva but for the country,” says Mark Rienzi, the Catholic University law professor and Becket Fund president who represented the Little Sisters in 2013. “That’s why people of many different faiths filed briefs asking the court to protect Yeshiva. If Yeshiva can’t even make religious decisions on its own campus, then no religious group is safe from government control.”

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