June 27, 2022

Catholic Law alumna Kristin Eliason ’09 was a featured guest on a recent episode of TraumaTies. TraumaTies is a podcast from the Network for Victim Recovery of DC (NVRDC) hosted by Bridgette Stumpf and Lindsey Silverberg. Eliason, Legal Director of NVRCD, discussed how her personal lived experiences influenced her interest in law and victims’ rights issues, lessons she learned both as a law school student and as a lawyer, and the trauma-informed courtroom.

NVRDC - TraumaTies
By: Bridgette Stumpf and Lindsey Silverberg
Date: June 23, 2022
Trauma & the Criminal Legal System: Part 1

The courtroom can be a traumatizing place for survivors, who can experience retraumatization by having to relive and retell experiences. In addition, the outcome of the courtroom process is often not what they hoped or expected from the criminal justice system. Don’t miss this episode of TraumaTies as hosts Bridgette Stumpf and Lindsey Silverberg dive deep into trauma-informed justice with Kristin. They talk about what it’s like to represent survivors in court; the best trauma-informed practices that can make courtrooms more accessible and welcoming to survivors; and emerging trends in alternative justice and harm reduction like restorative justice practices.

Click here to listen to Kristin Eliason on TraumaTies.