June 16, 2022

On June 10, 2022, Dickinson Wright PLLC announced the hire of Catholic Law alumnus James Tyrrell ’10. Joining the firm, Tyrrell, who was previously a partner from Venable LLP, will focus on political law in the Washington, D.C., office. Following the announcement, Tyrrell spoke with Law360 about the move and working in the political law space.

Date: June 10, 2022
By: Jack Rodgers
Dickinson Wright Beefs Up Political Law Practice In DC

Tyrrell said his favorite aspect of political law and working with investors in separate states is the lack of uniformity. Helping clients navigate different ways to advocate for their positions is just one exciting aspect to the job, he said.

"I think political law has its black letter law, but I think a lot of political law is very much in the gray area, and I think a lot of time clients get overwhelmed with some of the rules and statutes, and I enjoy helping them figuring out the best options for the way they go about their support for candidates or certain advocacy on issues," he said.