June 23, 2022

AJ AbateAJ Abate (rising 2L) has been named the 2022 recipient of the Rod Campbell Award. The apprenticeship program, founded in 2021 to honor the late Rod Campbell, is designed to create an assisted path for those interested in pursuing a career in motorsports. As harsh as the industry can be, this award allows the recipient to enter the field of motorsports with knowledgeable guidance of influential, seasoned professionals who want to see the younger generation succeed in the motorsports world.

About the opportunity, Abate shared, “I could not be more excited to receive this opportunity. I am incredibly grateful to the Campbell family, Jeff Swoboda, Sean Jones, Townsend Bell, and everyone involved in this program. They are graciously providing me with an unmatched experience and education while making my dream of a career in motorsports a reality and I look forward to hopefully carrying on Mr. Campbell's legacy throughout my career. For any young person that is serious about a career in motorsports, it is essential that they apply for this incredible award.”

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