March 24, 2021
 Lucia SilecchiaOn March 22, 2021, Catholic Law Professor Lucia Silecchia participated in “Women in Environmental Law,” a panel hosted by The Catholic University of America's Pre-Law Society and Environmental Club. As part of the University’s celebration of Women’s History Month, Silecchia joined other panelists from Columbia Law School and The Department of Justice to speak about their experiences as women working in environmental law. Silecchia's remarks focused on the development of environmental law since the first Earth Day in 1970, current challenges in environmental law domestically and globally, and the setting of environmental priorities. In addition, because the event was part of Women's History Month, she also spoke about the impact of environmental harms on women, particularly those living in poverty and without access to clean drinking water or natural resources needed to help support their families in agricultural life. The speakers took questions from the audience on a range of concerns including the politicization of environmental law, international engagement, career possibilities, enforcement issues, and the environmental policies of different presidential administrations.