March 09, 2021

Mark Rienzi and William SaundersOn Friday, March 5, Mark Rienzi and William Saunders, Co-Directors of Catholic Law’s Center for Religious Liberty, joined Faith & Law for a virtual presentation, “Covid and the Courts: Current Threats to Religious Freedom.” Faith & Law is an organization that brings a wide variety of distinguished speakers before Members of Congress and Hill staff to address contemporary political and cultural issues. The presentation by Professors Rienzi and Saunders focused on the effects the COVID-19 pandemic has had on religious worship—particularly how different jurisdictions have placed limits on worship. In the hour-long presentation, Rienzi and Saunders worked to answer the questions, what are permissible limits on religious worship and how can we expect the Supreme Court to rule before its term ends in June?

Click here to view the presentation with Rienzi and Saunders.