January 08, 2021

Catholic Law Professor Mary Graw Leary's article was published in Louisiana Law Review, Vol. 81. The paper, “Is the #MeToo Movement for Real? The Implications for Jurors’ Biases in Sexual Assault Cases,” examines the emerging research on the #MeToo movement and its potential effects on the population of potential jurors, exploring the possibility of improving the jury pool in sexual assault cases.

Louisiana Law Review
By: Mary Graw Leary
Date: 2020
Is the #MeToo Movement for Real? The Implications for Jurors' Biases in Sexual Assault Cases


Part I discusses the current problem of attrition in sexual assault cases. Part II examines the substantial body of literature surrounding this attrition and the potential reasons for it. Part III explores the #MeToo movement and reviews the emerging body of research regarding it. Part III also considers whether the movement will impact juries positively or whether the attrition rates based on rape myths, misogyny, and rape culture will continue.


In January 2020, Graw Leary participated in a panel at the Louisiana Law Review Symposium where she discussed the paper.