March 04, 2021

2021-Weiskopf-600x350.jpgCatholic Law alumna Marie Weiskopf ’11 and her colleague at Millier Nash Graham & Dunn, LLP, Julie Reed, were recently published in Law360. Their article, “It’s Time To Fix The Patent System’s Gender Problem,” discusses the low rate of patent applications being submitted by women and people of color—and acknowledges it as a larger systemic issue. The article also outlines several points that education and legal leaders must commit to in order to see change.

Date: March 3, 2021
By: Julie Reed and Marie Weiskopf
“It’s Time To Fix The Patent System’s Gender Problem”

“If we had a nickel for every incidence of astonishment on the faces of people when they learn we work in patent law — and have engineering degrees — we might be rich by now [...]

It's hard to break the stereotype that the typical patent attorney is male with a science or engineering degree, because that is exactly who mostly is admitted to the patent bar. It's an unfortunate, self-reinforcing system.”

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