May 26, 2021

During the Law School's 132nd Commencement students from the Classes of 2020 and 2021 were awarded the highest honors for academic achievement, pro bono participation, and contributions to the Law School community.

The John L. Garvey Faculty Award recognizes outstanding academic achievement during the law school course study. Awards are conferred during the Commencement ceremony upon the highest-ranking graduate from each division, day and evening. The faculty named the award to honor Professor Emeritus, John L. Garvey. It recognizes his 49 years of dedicated service to the Columbus School of Law as teacher, dean, scholar, and colleague.

Dean Payne and Anika Smith 

Professor Kathryn Kelly presented the John L. Garvey Faculty Award to award recipients: Anika Michelle Smith (2020 Day Division), Sarah Elizabeth Mysiewicz Gill (2020 Evening Division), Caitlin E. Daday (2021 Day Division), and Rola Aylo (2021 Evening Division).

Dean Payne and Caitlin Daday Dean Payne and Rola Ayo

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Michael CurtinThe Michael F. Curtin Pro Bono Award recognizes a law student from each division, day and evening, who has honored the highest ideals of the Columbus School of Law by voluntary pro bono service to others. The award is named in tribute to alumnus Michael F. Curtin ’65, in recognition of his more than 40 years of leadership and selfless dedication to the Law School and the legal profession. The range of his pro bono work and his significant portion of his professional life that he has devoted to the causes of justice, compassion, and opportunity for all have set a new standard for what it means to serve others.

Dean Payne and Maria Lino Callo Dean Payne and Larry Alan McCammon  

Katherine Crowley, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs and Dean of Students, introduced Michael F. Curtin '65, who presented the Michael F. Curtin Pro Bono Award to award recipients: Maria Fernanda Lino Callao (2020 Day Division), Larry Alan McCammon (2020 Evening Division), Mikhayla Rae Stover (2021 Day Division), and Keshia Marie Burns (2021 Evening Division).

Dean Payne and Mikhayla Rae Stover Dean Payne and Keshia Marie Burns

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The Law School Alumni Association Award recognizes a graduating student from the Full-Time and Part-Time divisions. The recipients have not only excelled in academic work but have actively participated in extracurricular and co-curricular activities and have contributed to the law school community in special ways.

Dean Payne and Elizabeth Grant Bowen 

Stanley Woodward ’08, Alumni Council Past President, presented the Law School Alumni Association Award to award recipients: Elizabeth Grant Bowen (2020 Day Division), Annie Ustonoski (2020 Evening Division), Hunter Daley (2021 Day Division), and Joshua Phillip Perez (2021 Evening Division).

Dean Payne and Hunter Daley Dean Payne and Joshua Phillip Perez