March 02, 2021

Theresa LoongOn Friday, February 26, 2021, The Law and Technology Institute (LTI) hosted the Dean William Callyhan Robinson Lecture Series, featuring Theresa Loong, Interactive Media Director, filmmaker, and producer. The program, “Creating Intellectual Property,” focused on Loong’s experiences using art and technology.

Co-director of LTI, Professor Elizabeth Winston, opened the virtual event, welcoming those in attendance. Following a brief explanation of the lecture series and the legacy of the Law School’s first dean, William Callyhan Robinson, Winston introduced Loong and her work, then turned the floor over to Loong to lead the afternoon’s discussion.

In her lecture, Loong highlighted various projects she has worked on and continues to work on ranging from intellitoys; video games; multi-year, multi-media art projects; and documentaries. With each example numerous questions were raised for consideration—when do artists want to engage the services of a lawyer? When does it make sense to trademark something? How does copyright work? Loong noted that she consults with lawyers about potential fair use, licensing, and trademark issues as she creates content. Loong also acknowledged, that as she continues to work on projects, there is a need for balancing the creative and practical processes involved in doing work.

Following the lecture, Loong took questions from those in attendance, further exploring complex questions regarding licensing and usage in the arts, and the complexity of navigating Intellectual Property issues as an artist.

The Dean William Callyhan Robinson Lecture Series is named for the founding dean of Catholic Law in 1895. Dean Robinson was a deeply influential person in the law—having been a dean, a law professor, a legal scholar, and a judge.