August 11, 2020

Peter KimCatholic Law alumnus Peter Kim ’20 will be sharing his directed research in an upcoming publication of the University of Pennsylvania Journal of International Law, Vol. 42 (forthcoming 2021). Kim’s research, "In, From, and to Space: Safeguarding the United States of America and Her Interests," explores the future militarization of outer space and hypothesizes how America may form an effective United States Space Force under current international law—including space law, law of war, and law of the sea.

Kim thanked several Catholic Law professors who helped him reach this stage in his directed research. “Thanks to Professor Watson for enriching my education as my supervising instructor and providing me with the opportunity to think creatively about the law. Thanks also to Professor Everhart who, as my 1L Lawyering Skills Program (LSP) professor, helped shape the way I think and write as a future lawyer, and to Professor Kelly who was my expert reader for my very first article on tort liability for autonomous vehicles and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that was selected for publication in the Catholic University Law Review, Vol. 69, and that spurred on my desire to pursue writing a directed research paper under Professor Watson's guidance."