August 07, 2020

As part of the SCOTUSblog symposium on the Roberts court and the religion clause, Catholic Law Professor Mark Rienzi wrote an essay analyzing major SCOTUS decisions from the 2019-2020 term and the long-term trend toward peaceful pluralism within the law of religious liberty.

By: Mark Rienzi
Date: August 5, 2020
Symposium: Amid polarization and chaos, the court charts a path toward peaceful pluralism


“Amid the turmoil, there was one area of the law in which the justices seemed to be weaving together a set of precedents that could nurture some long-term peace. The term’s religious liberty decisions touched on a wide variety of subjects: teachers at religious schools, religious exemptions from federal mandates, and state constitutional provisions rooted in anti-Catholic bigotry. But all of the court’s religion-related decisions harmonized around the principle that, despite all our honest and deep-seated disagreements about important questions, robust protection for religious dissenters is essential to our living together in a pluralistic society.”


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