July 21, 2020

On July 20, 2020, The American Law Institute (ALI) announced 38 newly elected members, including Catholic Law Professor Cara H. Drinan. ALI is the leading independent organization in the U.S. producing scholarly work to clarify and improve the law. ALI members draft Principles, Restatements, and model statutes, such as the Model Penal Code, that are enormously influential for courts and legislative bodies. Members are selected on the basis of their demonstrated excellence in the law, high character, and potential to contribute to the public good through the Institute’s work.

As a new member, Drinan joins other law professors, federal and state judges, and prestigious practitioners who comprise the ALI membership. Her scholarship focuses on criminal justice, juvenile justice, and sentencing policy, and she is excited to begin collaborating with other ALI members on these fronts.

Click here for Drinan’s elected member profile.