November 26, 2019

Catholic Law Professor Marshall Breger had his op-ed, “The Elephant in the Impeachment Inquiry,” published in moment. Central to the piece was the question, will the impeachment process ultimately damage the American-Israeli relationship?

By: Marshall Breger
Date: 2019 November-December

Will the process damage the American-Israeli relationship?

With Syria in turmoil, the Kurds in flight and its own government in prolonged limbo, the last thing Israel probably wants to worry about right now is an American impeachment process. For that matter, the possible effects of impeachment on Israel aren’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind for American political junkies, either. We all know the old saw about the Jewish newspaper that publishes an article on “The Elephant and the Jewish Question.” And yet, at the risk of seeming similarly obsessed, it is worth asking what effect the possibility of impeachment will have on the already increasingly complicated U.S.-Israel relationship.

It’s a difficult question, particularly now. In the past few years, the connection between the United States and Israel has been focused to an unusual degree on the personal bond between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Donald Trump. Impeachment aside, we don’t yet know Netanyahu’s political fate, and even if Netanyahu secures the prime ministership once again, the necessary deal-making might clip his wings in significant ways. His pending indictments might also affect his power and influence—even if he stares down those who would demand that he resign, if, that is, he is in fact indicted. It is telling that after the last Israeli election, Trump spoke of the bonds between the United States and Israel without mentioning Bibi. Can it be that our president does not like associating with losers?

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