May 13, 2019

On May 8, 2019, the Columbus School of Law was ranked at #6 by the American Bar Association for the school with the highest percentage of 2018 graduates in permanent, fulltime government and public interest jobs; #29 for 2018 graduates in federal clerkships, widely regarded as the most prestigious clerkships available; and #20 for 2018 graduates in state and local clerkships.

According to, the J.D. Class of 2018 has experienced the strongest entry-level legal job market in a decade, with 78.6% landing jobs that require a law degree or for which a law degree offers an advantage within 10 months of leaving campus-up from 75.3% the previous year.

The rankings are based on law school graduate employment data submitted to the American Bar Association by all ABA accredited law schools.

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